ANTEUS FRUITS is an import-export company exclusively for fruit  and vegetables, importing from Morroco and Spain towards Northern Europe, mainly  through Germany, Austria, Belgium, Swizerland, Luxemburg...

Founded in 2006, the Anteus Fruits company aims to sell fruit and vegetables directly from the production areas toward a requirement for customer oriented in gastronomy and restaurant community...

Products freshness is essential to us ; that is the reason why we favor short circuits and avoid any major storage "time".

The goods are packed the very same day of the harvest, and then transported directly to our warehouses located in Perpignan, South West of France.

The goods are transfered the day of arrival for immediate departure to Germany, Austria and Belgium...

Each pallet of goods is controlled by quality technician before departure to it's final destination.

Our goal is a pursuit of excellence to create synergies where partnerships have replaced trade !

Since 2006, Anteus Fruits  has followed the approach H.A.C.C.P. and today is certified IFS BROKER, higher level.

We respect all the quality approaches in force.

All our partners agree to undergo regular checks to maintain an optimum level of quality for their products.

Timeliness of delivery is also one of Anteus Fruits priorities.

It is mainly this criteria that wins us the trust and commitment of our customers.

The anticipation and satisfaction of all your expectations is  also part of our priority.

Anteus Fruits is at your service and guarantees you attentive listening and an excellent service.




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