We produce broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco from Spain. These are quality products grown in the Southern Spain, always using techniques environmentally safe.

It is important to mention all the attention made throughout the production and the handling of the products, so that it reaches the consumer with all its natural properties.

Harvesting begins in the Northern area of Alicante and we continue to Elche the rest of the season.

Broccoli is harvested from October to June. All plantations begins in August-September in cooler areas.

From October to February, the plantations are in more temperate and hot areas.

The variety of broccoli that we use are PARTEHNON - NAXO.

Each product is about 500 Gr weigh.

The broccoli is then packet in wooden crates by 5 o 6 Kg iced and wrapped with a film, to keep all the quality and product freshness, "from field to plate" in a very short time.




The cauliflower belongs to the broccoli's family products.

Production from October to May.

Wooden crate by 6 pieces of 1,5 Kg each.


Production from October to May.