Quality approach

Our desire to achieve excellence and our  goal to ensure the development and sustainability of our business is behind this major strategic move.

Our company is certified IFS BROKER, higher level.

We respect all quality initiatives with particular attention.

Our technicians check the quality, compliance, and tracability for each company pallets, and each exported goods.

All our producers are certified Globab Gap, some are Grasp, as well as our carriers : IFS Logistic.

Order processing follows a vigorous check datas list.

Indeed, to garantee an excellent tracability, every step is checked to ensure it meets with our criteria for each specification. No merchandise will be shipped not without having undergone a prior check.

The company Anteus Fruits garantees a fast shipping and efficient distribution unmatched in this sector.

This implementation allows us to become a "benchmark" company in this field and unavoidable on the german market.

Resulting from the strong demand of our customers, Anteus Fruits is positioned around three core values :

. Listening to customers requirements

. Involvement in production

. Meeting with our commitments.

 ISF certificate 

Download the IFS certificate

GLOBAL GAP certificate

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